Careers in Accenture

Accenture is the one of the world's largest IT firm that deals in worldwide management consulting, outsourcing and IT services. Headquarters of Accenture is in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. The company came to India in 1987. Its first office in India was in Mumbai. It has now set up centers in Delhi and Chennai also. The company partners with clients and helps them to build high performance businesses.
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Opportunities with Accenture:
Career with Accenture opens a plethora of opportunities. A candidate can work in the multiple fields such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain technologies, Cloud computing, Cyber resilient Business, Internet of things, Industry X.O etc. on various posts of Software Engineer, Test Engineer, Network Engineer, and Business Analyst.
Career in Accenture provides an exceptional start to your career in global IT field along with multicultural environment and a chance to work with some of the brightest & Intellectual global minds in the industry. Career in Accenture will expose you to the future of technology, highly successful employee engagement & community volunteering platform combined with a comprehensive employee well-being programme. Accenture provides additional training and development through their talent development programme. Working with accenture provides you an experience of working with onshore and offshore teams alongside a wide range of industries and clients. Opportunity to produce, install and implement new and modified computer systems networks and related operating software. It also provides you an opportunity to carry out enhancements to existing applications as well as developing and implementing new applications. Accenture gives you an opportunity to select and develop appropriate test automation tools, to work for and with the latest techniques.
Join Accenture and discover an inspiring team with dedicated leaders who will guide you through every stage of your career.
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