Technical Questions asked in Syntel

  1. Under which of the following Big O notation it is suggested to review design of algorithm?
    1. O(nlogn)
    2. O(n2)
    3. O(n)
    4. O(2n)
    Answer:  Option D.
  2. Merge sort algorithm uses _________ technique
    1. Brute force
    2. Divide and conquer
    3. Greedy
    4. Dynamic programming
    Answer: Option  B.

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  1. Create index customerID_index on customer(ID);
    Here which one denotes the relation for which index is created ?
    1. customerID_index
    2. ID
    3. customerID
    4. customer
    Answer: Option  D.
  2. Which of the following is true about tables in second normal form (2NF)?
    1. It has a composite key
    2. It removes the possibility of a insertion anomalies
    3. It removes all hidden dependencies
    4. It has all non key fields depend on the whole primary key
    Answer: Option  C.
  3. The arguments that determine the state of the cout object are called
    1. classes
    2. manipulators
    3. format flags
    4. state controllers
    Answer: Option  C.
  4. Which of the following concepts means determining at runtime what method to invoke?
    1. Data hiding
    2. Dynamic Typing
    3. Dynamic binding
    4. Dynamic loading
    Answer: Option C

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