Technical Questions asked in Saint-Gobain

  1. The oxo reaction is used for converting (Chemical Engg.)
    1. Alcohol to aldehyde
    2. Paraffin to olefin
    3. Olefin to aldehyde
    4. Aldehyde to alcohol
    Answer: Option C.
  2. The dimensionless group in mass transfer that is equivalent to Prandtl number in heat transfer is (Chemical Engg.)
    1. Nusselt number
    2. Sherwood number
    3. Schmidt number
    4. Stanton number
    Answer: Option C.
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  1. A fine grained soil has liquid limit 60 and plastic limit of 20. As per the plasticity chart, according to IS classification, the soil is represented by the letter symbols: (Civil Engg.)
    1. CL
    2. CI
    3. CH
    4. CL-ML
    Answer: Option C.
  2. Group symbols assigned to silty sand and clayey sand are respectively (Civil Engg.)
    1. SS and CS
    2. SM and CS
    3. SM and SC
    4. MS and CS
    Answer: Option C.
    PI=60-20 =40 and LL>50%. Very high value of plasticity index should be defined as clay (C) with high plasticity (H).
    Soil is represented as CH. IP = 0.73(WL -20)
    = 0.73(60-20)= 29.2
  3. In the rolling process, the state of stress of the material undergoing deformation is: (Mechanical Engg.)
    1. Pure compression
    2. Pure shear
    3. Compression and shear
    4. Tension and shear
    Answer: Option D.
  4. For a ductile material, toughness is the measure of (Mechanical Engg.)
    1. Resistance to scratching
    2. Ability to absorb energy up to fracture
    3. Ability to absorb energy till elastic limit
    4. Resistance to indention
    Answer: Option B.
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