Mcafee Sample Verbal Questions

DIRECTIONS for the question 1 to 3: Choose the option which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase in red in the sentence.
  1. If you rub him the wrong way, he is bound to react
    1. annoy him
    2. abuse him
    3. flatter him
    4. encourage him
    Answer: Option A.
    Annoy is the answer
  2. He poured cold water on the project report that the secretary had prepared.
    1. encouraged
    2. discouraged
    3. cleared
    4. put on hold
    Answer: Option B.
    Discouraged is the right option
  1. Harassed by repeated acts of injustice, he decided to put his foot down.
    1. to resign
    2. to take a firm stand
    3. to withdraw
    4. to accept the proposal unconditionally
    Answer: Option B.
    The idiom means to take a firm stand.
    DIRECTIONS for the question 4 to 7: Study the passage below and answer the questions that follow each passage.

    The State-run Aarey shops known for selling their patent milk drink Energee and Lassi now don a new look. The pale yellow, light pink and pista green Energee bottles have been displaced by Pepsi's bright pink, fluorescent yellow and sparkly blue beverages. Pepsi's recently launched Duke's sodas are attractively packaged and are profitable, say stall-owners. Shops and stalls seem to be pushing Duke's. PepsiCo is giving them a 25 per cent profit as trade margin for a bottle, say retailers, largely from the Kutchi and Gujarati communities. In fact, Maharashtra was the first to see the launch of Pepsi's flavoured Duke's soda. The company expects to have an all-India roll-out in the next few months. Duke's is available in four flavours - Ice Cream Soda, Raspberry, Masala Soda and Gingerade. It is available in 200 ml retro glass bottles priced at Rs. 10 and in 500 ml PET bottles for Rs. 25. The cola-major plans to launch the soda in other Western States in the second phase of the roll-out, and eventually the rest of the country would be covered in the third phase, senior company officials said. "We have been flooded with positive responses from customers for re-launching this product. We have eight stock-keeping units of this product which consist of 200 ml and 500 ml bottles. We have already released seven stock-keeping units," said Pepsi's Executive Director (West Marketing Unit). "We will scale-up the supply in the coming months as per the response," he said, referring to the key performing indicators that they have been monitoring over the last few weeks. PepsiCo did some research and found this product "relevant" to consumers and therefore re-launched it, he said. They also decided to retain the packaging and the retro look of the bottles. "Since Duke's is a heritage brand, we wanted consumers to associate with the old, much-loved product. There are some local brands that are producing similar Raspberry drinks but we have our own product lovers," he said. Commenting on the discounts given to retailers, he says that they are on a par with what they offer for their other beverages. But a shop owner at Hughes Road, an arterial road in South Mumbai, explained: "We are getting close to Rs. 6 per bottle so why not push the sales of this product over other products." Getting defensive about the displacement of Energee bottles, another Aarey stall attendant said, "It's not that we are trying to push Energee bottles to the back of the rack. If we are getting more profit on these sodas then why not place them prominently. Also, the colours are really attractive so consumers definitely stop and ask."

  2. The State-run Aarey shops are looking different these days because :
    1. the shop-keepers have painted their shops with bright colours.
    2. PepsiCo has invested in giving the shops a bright new look.
    3. of the brightly coloured bottles of Duke's sodas stacked in them.
    4. of the bright-coloured clothes being worn by the shop-keepers.
    Answer: Option C.
    Option 3 is the correct choice as mentioned in paragraph 1
  3. It can be inferred from the passage that
    1. Pepsi's strategy is aimed at taking over the State-run Aarey shops.
    2. retailers are favourably inclined towards pushing sales of Duke's sodas due to the higher margins that they stand to earn.
    3. Duke's sodas are mostly liked by Kutchi and Gujarati communities.
    4. All of these
    Answer: Option C.
    An inference is a conclusion drawn after reading the passage and not stated by the author. Taking into consideration this, option 3 is the most appropriate choice
  4. "PepsiCo decided to retain the packaging and retro look of the bottles" because :
    1. consumers demanded it.
    2. it was part of the agreement between Pepsi and Duke's.
    3. shop owners felt that consumers would not buy if the look changed.
    4. None of these
    Answer: Option D.
    As per lines 'They also decided to retain the packaging ........ but we have our own product lovers," he said.' the correct reason for the decision is not stated in any of the option.
  5. It is implied in the passage that :
    1. PepsiCo plans to have a phased launch of Duke's sodas all over India in the next few months.
    2. Duke's is a leading producer of ice-creams and sodas.
    3. Pepsi and Duke's are fighting each other for shelf-space in soda vending shops.
    4. None of these
    Answer: Option A.
    As per lines "The cola-major plans to launch ....... over the last few weeks." option 1 is correct.
    DIRECTIONS for the question 8 to 10: In each of these questions, choose the option which can be substituted for the given words
  6. A change from what is normal or accepted as standard
    1. Abhorrence
    2. Abet
    3. Abeyance
    4. Aberration
    Answer: Option D.
    Aberration means a change from what is normal.
  7. Person who is capable of using both hands with equal skill is called
    1. dexterous
    2. ambidextrous
    3. philanthropic
    4. misanthropic
    Answer: Option B.
    Option 2 is the correct answer
  8. An edition of a book, etc, that is an exact reproduction of an earlier edition.
    1. reprint
    2. photocopy
    3. bibliography
    4. preface
    Answer: Option A.
    Reprint the correct option
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