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The Basics of an M.Tech/ MS Degree
Master of Technology (M.Tech) or MS is a post graduate degree that engineers can opt for. It forms an extension of an engineer's graduate education and provides him with an opportunity for practical implementation of engineering knowledge. Generally, if a student has a good understanding of technical subjects and he wishes to enhance his skills in the field of Engineering or Technology, it is advisable that he must pursue an M.Tech course from recognized institutes of the country.
The Benefits of an M.Tech Degree from Abroad:
Pursuing an M.Tech degree from abroad forms a very lucrative option for engineers from India. The amount of global exposure, chance of global placements and opportunity to study in some of the best countries in this world form some of the compelling reasons for selecting this career avenue. Benefits include:
  • Pursuing M.Tech in abroad gives students the chance to work in global companies. The job roles and packages are considerably better than those in India.
  • Opportunity to study in some of the best colleges across the world.
  • The research opportunities are far greater than those available in India.
  • Global exposure and chance to learn global practices in engineering.
The main disadvantage of undertaking an M.Tech degree from abroad is the high cost of education in foreign countries. In order to take a decision about pursuing an M.Tech abroad, one needs to keep the cost factor in mind and make the final decision based on one's personal financial situation and constraints.
Admission Process:
In order to get admission in M.Tech abroad, a student has to appear in Graduate Record Examination (GRE). This exam measures verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills of a student. Almost all the universities in US, Australia, Europe, Singapore, etc. consider GRE scores for admission process. Overall, out of total GRE score of 340, a score of 325+ is considered as a very good score & a score between 315 and 325 is considered as a good score. 
The road map for studying abroad is as follows:
The GRE is Computer Based Test. To take these tests basic familiarity with operating a computer and typing is must.
Questions can be of multiple answer choices and in some questions one has to enter/type the answer. A Computer Based Test is more or less similar to a Paper Based Test. The only difference is that in a Computer Based Test every aspirant is provided with a computer. Before the test a quick tutorial is provided which explains how to navigate the program. During the test the candidates are required to answer the questions that appear on the screen. In Computer Based Test one can skip/leave question unanswered or can go back to previous question. 

Score is made available immediately on completion of the test excluding the score of essays. These tests can be taken anytime during the year in any of the metros in India. Booking of these tests can be done on internet using credit card. These tests can be cancelled/retaken/rescheduled. Students have a wide choice of test centers which include Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Trivandrum. 

The validity of test scores for GRE is 5 years. If you taken any test more than once then most of the universities consider most recent score. 

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