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DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 3: Study the following information and answer the given question
S is the mother of D. K is the brother of D. K is the only son of M. M is the son of U. U is the husband of T. T is the mother of Y
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  1. If D is married to X, then how is X related to M?
    1. Son-in-law
    2. Daughter-in-law
    3. Son
    4. Niece
    5. Daughter
    Answer: Option A.
    Son-in-Law U+ T-
    S- M+ Y-
    X+ D- K+
  2. How is T related to K?
    1. Mother
    2. Aunt
    3. Granddaughter
    4. Grandmother
    5. Mother-in-law
    Answer:  Option D.
    U+ T-
    S- M+ Y-
    X+ D- K+
  3. How is S related to Y?
    1. Sister
    2. Cousin
    3. Mother-in-law
    4. Niece
    5. Sister-in-law
    Answer: Option E.
    Sister-in-Law U+ T-
    S- M+ Y-
    D- K+
    DIRECTIONS for questions 4 to 8: In this question, relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. The statements are followed by conclusions. Study the conclusions based on the given statement and select the appropriate answer.
    • both conclusion I and II are true
    • only conclusion I is true
    • neither conclusion I nor II is true
    • only conclusion II is true
    • either conclusion I or conclusion is true
  4. Statements: R > S = T ≥ U; S ≥ A> V
    1. A < R
    2. V ≤ U
    Answer: Option B.
    R> S=T >= A> V; S>=A>V
    Conclusion 1. A Conclusion 2. V=
  5. Statements: B > E ≥ A ≥ T = H < I ≤ M
    1. H ≤ E
    2. B > T
    Answer: Option A.
    B> E>=A>=T = H Now Conclusion 1. H = T holds true from given statements
  6. Statements: S < M < I < T; R ≥ J > I
    1. R = S
    2. S < R
    S= J > I
    Now Conclusion 1. R=S is not true.
    For Conclusion 2. S From which it can be seen that it holds true.
  7. Statements: B > E ≥ A ≥ T = H < I ≤ M
    1. E < I
    2. M ≤ A
    B> E >= A >= T =H Conclusion 1. E Conclusion 2. M =< A Can’t be derived as no relation can be inferred between M and A.
  8. Statements: D ≤ O ≤ L > C ≥ E
    1. O < E
    2. L ≥ D
    D= C >= E
    Conclusion 1. O < E, isn’t true as no relation is given between O and E.
    Conclusion 2. L >= D is true
    DIRECTIONS for questions 9 to 10: Read the following information and answer the given question:
    Vansh starts walking from Point E and walks 25m towards the north. He then takes a right turn and walks for 15m. He makes a left turn and stops at Point M after walking for 20m
    Point K is 30m to the west of Point M. Point K is 45m to the north of Point J. Point J is 10m to the east of Point L.
  9. How far and in which direction is Point E with respect to Point L?
    1. 30m towards West
    2. 25m towards East
    3. 20m towards East
    4. 20m towards West
    5. 25m towards West
    Answer: Option D.

    D. since S has typing as her main job
  10. What is the main job of R?
    1. Painting
    2. Electric Work
    3. Computer programming
    4. Career counseling
    5. Typing
    Answer: Option A.
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