CSC Reasoning Question

DIRECTIONS for questions 1 to 5: Answer the following questions as per the best of your ability
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  1. How many such Rs are there in the following letter series, which are immediately preceded by 'M' and immediately followed by 'S'?
    R S M K R S R M R S K N R S P S R M K M R S R M S N K M R S R S M R P
    1. Two
    2. Three
    3. Four
    4. Nil
    Answer: Option B.
    There are 3 pairs where R is immediately preceded by M and immediately followed by S
  2. If A + B means A is the son of B. A - B means A is the wife of B, A × B means A is the daughter of B and A ÷ B A is the mother of B, then which of the following statements is true given that P × Q - R + S?
    1. S is the father of R
    2. S is the mother of R
    3. Q is the daughter-in-law of S
    4. Q is the father of P
    Answer:  Option C.
    + = female
    - = male

    Hence C option.
  3. In a certain code language FRESCO is written as HUGVER. How will MURALS be written in that code language?
    1. PXTDNV
    2. OYSDMV
    3. OXTCMU
    4. OXTDNV
    Answer: Option D.
    F is increased by 1 alphabet. S is increase by 2 alphabets. The same pattern is applied in MURALS. So answer is D.
  4. If all the letters of the word LONGANIMITY are arranged in the alphabetic order, which of the following will be the middle letter?
    1. M
    2. N
    3. I
    4. None of these
    Answer: Option A.
    Alphabetic order - A G I I L M N N O T Y.
    Middle letter is M.
  5. If both the statements "All books are pens" and "No pen is ink" are true, then which of the following can be inferred from these two statements?
    1. Some books are not pens
    2. No book is ink
    3. All pens are books
    4. Some pens are ink
    Answer: Option B.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 6 and 7: In each of the following questions three items are given. Out of the five figures, select that figure which will best represent the relationship amongst the three items.
  6. Judges, Thieves, Criminals
    Answer: Option D.
  7. English, Hindi, Language
    Answer: Option C.
    DIRECTIONS for questions 8 to 10: Read the information given below and answer the questions given below it.
    (i) Six friends Gayatri, Hema, Reshma, Julie, Shefali and Anupama are member of a club and play a different game of Chess, Hockey, Polo, Kabaddi, Cards and Table Tennis.
    (ii) Shefali who is taller than Gayatri and Julie, plays Polo.
    (iii) The tallest among them plays Kabaddi.
    (iv) The shortest among them plays Table Tennis.
    (v) Hema and Julie neither play Table Tennis nor Kabaddi.
    (vi) Reshma plays Table Tennis.
    (vii) Shefali is between Hema who plays Chess and Gayatri in order of height.
  8. Who among them plays Kabaddi ?
    1. Hema
    2. Reshma
    3. Julie
    4. Anupama
    Answer: Option D
    Gatyatri Hockey and Cards
    Hema Chess
    Reshma Table Tennis
    Julie Hockey and Cards
    Shefali Polo
    Anupam Kabaddi

    Clearly from the table above
  9. Who will be at the third if they are arranged in the descending order of height ?
    1. Shefali
    2. Julie
    3. Hema
    4. Gayatri
    Answer: Option A.
    Gayatri   Hockey or  cards
    Hema  Chess
    Reshma Table Tennis
    Julie Hockey or cards
    Shefali Polo
    Anupam Kabaddi

    Clearly from the table above
  10. Which of the following statements is not true?
    1. Shefali is taller than Reshma
    2. Anupama is taller than Hema
    3. Gayatri is shorter than Reshma
    4. Julie is taller than Reshma
    Answer: Option C.
    Gayatri   Hockey or  cards
    Hema  Chess
    Reshma Table Tennis
    Julie Hockey or cards
    Shefali Polo
    Anupam Kabaddi

    Clearly from the table above
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