Top Aptitude questions asked in campus placement process

Aptitude test generally forms the first step of the recruitment process. The purpose of this test is to assess a candidate’s logical, problem-solving and language abilities. Questions are asked from the following areas: quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, data interpretation and logical reasoning.  
It is advised that you practice various types of questions from these areas and analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Spend as much time as possible on questions where you are confident of scoring the maximum amount of marks in the least amount of time. The order of attempting different sections, if choice is available to you in the test, should depend on a strategy designed to boost your score in the test.
The purpose of this e-book is to provide you an all-inclusive list of important aptitude questions that you should prepare for placement tests. This e-book contains:
  • 150 aptitude MCQs (50 each from quant, verbal, and reasoning)
Use this ultimate guide to prepare for frequently asked aptitude questions.
Happy Learning....:)
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