Adobe Reasoning Questions

Direction question 1 -3: Complete the pattern
  1. p _ r _ q _ p _ r
    1. p p r q
    2. q p r q
    3. r p q q
    4. q r q p
    Answer: Option B
    The best approach is to substitute option and check the pattern
    Substituting option A p p r pq r p q r which does not make any proper pattern
    By option B the series follows as, p q r/ p q r/ p q r. which is a pattern of pqr.
    Hence answer is option B
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  1. 4, 16, 36, 64, 100, ?
    1. 121
    2. 142
    3. 144
    4. 120
    Answer: Option C
    Here the series follows as 2^2, 4^2, 6^2, and so on. So the term will be 12^2 = 144
  2. D F I M ?
    1. P
    2. Q
    3. R
    4. S
    Answer: Option C
    Here 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th letters are moved 2, 3, 4, 5 steps forward respectively. So, next letter will be R
DIRECTIONS for the question 4 to 5 : The question below has either two or three statements followed by two or three conclusions.
You have to take the given statements to be true and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding the commonly known facts.
  1. Statements:
    All mats are gold. No gold is cheap.
    1. All mats are cheap.
    2. Some Gold is not cheap
    1. If only conclusion I follows
    2. If only conclusion II follows
    3. If both conclusions follow
    4. If neither of the two conclusions follows
    Answer: Option B

    So, only conclusion II follows
  2. Statements : All young are caps. No caps are taps.
    Conclusions :
    1. No young is tap.
    2. No tap is young
    1. If only conclusion I follows
    2. If only conclusion II follows
    3. If both conclusions follow
    4. If neither of the two conclusions follows
    Answer: Option C

    So, both conclusion follows.
DIRECTIONS for the question 6 to 8: Study the following information and answer the given question
T is the sister of D. D is married to P. P is the son of M.
T is the mother of J. Y is the father of U.
Y has only one son and only one daughter.
U is the daughter of T. Q is the son of O.
  1. How is P related to T?
    1. Brother
    2. cannot be determined
    3. Brother-in-law
    4. Cousin brother
    5. Uncle
    Answer: Option C
    M - W+

    Y- T+/D- P+

    J+ /U-
    -Denotes female, + denotes male
    MW, DP and YP are couples. while U and J are children of YT. So P is a brother-in-law of T.
  2. How is J related to D?
    1. Son
    2. Niece
    3. Son-in-law
    4. Nephew
    5. Daughter
    Answer: Option D
    J is nephew of D.
    M - W+

    Y- T+/D- P+

    J+ /U-
  3. If M is wife of W then how is Q related to W?
    1. Son-in-law
    2. Grandson
    3. Nephew
    4. Son
    5. cannot be determined
    Answer: Option E
    Relation between Q and W cannot be determined.
    M - W+

    Y- T+/D- P+

    J+ /U-
DIRECTIONS for the questions 9:Solve the following question and mark the best possible option
Point A is 14m north of point B
Point C is 11m east of point B
Point D is 5m north of point C
Point E is 7m west of point D
Point F is 6m north of point E
Point G is 4m west of point F
  1. How for and in which direction is point G from point A?
    1. 3m north
    2. 5m north
    3. 4m north
    4. 4m south
    5. 3m south
    Answer: Option E
    G is 3m south from A. Hence option E
  2. What is Reena’s rank in the class?
    1. There are 26 students in the class
    2. There are 9 students who have scored less than Reena.
    1. If only one statement is sufficient to answer the question but not the other
    2. If either statement is sufficient to solve the question
    3. If data in both statements is required to answer the question
    4. If question cannot be answered by using even both statements
    Answer: Option C
    We can't make out anything from statement 1 and 2 alone. From I and II, we conclude that there are 16 students above Reena in rank. Thus, Reena’s rank is 17th in the class. So, both the statements are necessary.
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