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"The underlying philosophy of Adobe lies in utilizing creativity and data in tandem and translating simple concepts and ideas to impactful results."
Founded in 1982, Adobe Systems Incorporated. pioneered in the development of multimedia and creativity software products and grew consistently to emerge as a global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. It recent ventures include development of rich Internet application software and is widely known for its popular products like the Portable Document Format (PDF), Adobe Creative Suite and the recent Adobe Creative Cloud.
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Adobe’s first product after Post Script page description language were digital fonts, the commonly known propriety font format Type 1, subsequently developed standard True Type and the Open Type format ,now a standard for the business and the average Windows user. It’s most popular product till date has been a graphics editing program, Photoshop developed originally for Macintosh in 1989.This stable, fully built and equally well marketed program took the world by storm at that time as continues to dominate the global market today, though it’s influence has been reduced to a lesser extent due to the availability of alternative products like CorelPhoto and CorelPainter. Adobe has now focused its attention on HTML5 for mobile devices and ceased the development of Flash following 11.1, owing to the increase in the popularity of the open web standard.
Head Quarters:
  • San Jose, California, United States
Key People:
  • John Warnock and Charles Geschke (Founders)
  • Shantanu Narayen (President and CEO)
  • The company name "Adobe" is derived from the Adobe Creek in Los Altos, California. The “iconic stylized A” was designed by Marva Warnock, a graphic designer and the wife of the founder, John Warnock.
Net revenue:
  • US$ 4.795 billion (FY 2016)
Number of employees:
  • Above 15,000 employees in 26 different offices all around the world.
Official Website:
  • Adobe Systems has been named in Global 100 for the second time in 2016.
  • A NASDAQ and S&P listed organization with a reputation of over 30 years, this multinational corporation is a Fortune 500 company.
  • Consistently ranked as an outstanding place to work by the Fortune Magazine since 2004.
  • Adobe Systems India was ranked as the 6th best place to work in India in 2014.
  • Adobe Systems Canada is in the list of “Canada’s Top 100 Employers” and featured in the Maclean’s magazine.
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