Paypal Reasoning Questions

Aptitude tests form a critical component the placement process at many corporate companies. Currently, PayPal does not conduct aptitude test but many include it in future. Aptitude tests are standardized tests that designed to assess a candidate’s capabilities in performing a particular task and response to different situations. Quantitative aptitude checks problem solving ability of the candidates, their basic mathematical skills and comfort with data crunching. To score well, a candidate should focus on speedy calculations, sound fundamentals and strong analytical skills through practice.
You can practice the below given sample questions to practise for PayPal’s aptitude questions:
  • DIRECTION for questions 1 & 2: Each of these has a question followed by two arguments I and II. Decide which of the arguments is a ‘strong’ argument and which is a ‘weak’ argument. Mark answer
    1. if only argument I is strong
    2. if only argument II is strong
    3. if neither argument I nor II is strong
    4. if both arguments I and II are strong
    1. Should judiciary be independent of the executive?
      1. Yes, this would help curb the unlawful activities of the executive.
      2. No, the executive would not be able to take bold measures.
      Answer: Option 3
      Making judiciary independent of executive will pave the way for the executive to take bold measures instead of restricting them. So argument 2 is rejected. Making them independent may remove the fear of law from the mind of the executives. So how can it curb the unlawful activities? Instead it may encourage executives to go for wrong measures. Hence argument 1 is also rejected.
    1. Should open book systems be introduced in examinations?
      1. Yes, because it will avoid mass copying
      2. No, because then all students will get 100% marks.
      Answer: Option 3
      Argument 2 is weak because just by allowing this system to be put into practice will not make everybody score 100% i.e. the word ‘all’ has made this argument weak. Also if the student has not studied well and not studied from the concerned books then, even if books are made available to him, he will not be able to search the answers.
    2. Complete the series by replacing the‘?’ AI, BJ, CK, ‘?’
      1. DL
      2. Dm
      3. GH
      4. LM
      Answer: Option 1
      +1 +1 +1
      A B C D
      +1 +1 +1
      I J K L
    1. Which number would replace question mark (?) in the series?
      1. 7
      2. 9
      3. 3
      4. 5
      Answer: Option 4
      17 x Y = 85, 13 x Y = 65.
      So, Y = 5
    2. Ages are to be computed in whole numbers only and no two persons are of the same age. Mahesh is a year older than Vikas. Vikas is two years older than Jagan. Jagan is a year younger than Suresh. Suresh is two years younger than Mahesh. Akmal is two years younger than Jagan. Which of the following is in the order’ from the oldest to the youngest?
      1. Mahesh, Vikas, Jagan, Suresh, Akmal
      2. Mahesh, Vikas, Suresh, Akmal, Jagan
      3. Mahesh, Vikas, Suresh, Jagan, Akmal
      4. Mahesh, Jagan, Vikas, Akmal, Suresh
      Answer: Option 3
      M = V + 1, V = J + 2, S = J + 1,
      M = S + 2, J = A + 2
      From above M > V, V > J, S > J, M > S, J > A
      Thus, M > V > S > J > A
    1. Complete the series by replacing the question mark ‘?’
      162, 54, 18, 6,?.
      1. 2
      2. 3
      3. 4
      4. 5
      Answer: Option 1
      Start from the last, as there the numbers are smaller. 6 x 3 = 18, 18 x 3 = 54, …. Thus, 6 ÷ 3 = 2
    2. Village A is 20 kilometres to the north of Village B. Village C is 18 kilometres to the east of Village B, Village D is 12 kilometres to the west of Village A. If Raj Gopal starts from Village C and goes to Village D, in which direction is he from his starting point?
      1. North-East
      2. North-West
      3. South-East
      4. North
      Answer: Option 2
      Thus, Raj is towards North – West w.r.t. starting point.
    3. Introducing Rajesh, Neha said, “his brother’s father is the only son of my grandfather”. How is Neha related to Rajesh?
      1. Sister
      2. Daughter
      3. Mother
      4. Niece
      Answer: Option 1
      Only son of my grandfather is my father. So if Neha said that his brother’s father is my father, it means both persons are brother and sister. Hence Neha is sister of Rajesh. So 1st option.
    4. Persons X, Y, Z and Q live in red, green, yellow or blue coloured houses placed in a sequence on a street. Z lives in a yellow house. The green house is adjacent to the blue house. X does not live adjacent to Z. The yellow house is in between the green and red house. The colour of the house X lives in is
      1. yellow
      2. green
      3. red
      4. None of these
      Answer: Option 4
      After analyzing the given info, we can tabulate the following possibilities in which X lives in Blue house.
    5. A worker may claim Rs. 15 for each km which he travels by taxi and Rs. 5 for each km which he drives his own car. If in one week he claimed Rs. 500 for travelling 80 km, how many kms did he travel by taxi?
      1. 10
      2. 20
      3. 30
      4. 80
      Answer: Option 1
      Apply alligation,
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