Tips on Presentation Skills

Effective presentations follow a pattern:
"First tell them what you're going to tell them;
then tell them;
then, tell them what you've told them."

In outline format it looks like:-
A good introduction should accomplish the following.
    Capture your listener's attention
    Give your audience a reason to listen
    Set the proper tone
    Establish your qualifications
You can open the presentation in the following ways:
A good introduction should accomplish the following.
    Ask a question. Asking a question is a good way to involve your listeners in the topic and establish its importance to them.
    Tell a story which is short and relevant.
    Present a quotation. Someone else has already said what you want to say in a very clever way.
    Use humor. The right joke can be an effective way to get attention, make a point, and increase the audience's liking for you.
For the main part of the presentation keep in mind the following:
    There has to be coherence between the different parts of the main body.
    There has to be a sequential flow of ideas.
    There has to be a structure to avoid random presentation of content.
    Make the main body interesting by including examples and cases.
    Establish and maintain eye contact. A speaker with good eye contact is seen to be more sincere.
    Move effectively. Having a good posture doesn't mean being rooted one place. Moving about can add life to your presentation and help release nervous energy. You can approach and refer to your visual aids, walk away and return to your original position, and approach the audience.
A conclusion has two parts: a review and a closing statement.
    The Review should contain a restatement of your thesis and a summary of the main points.
    A strong closing statement will help your listeners remember you favorably; a weak ending can nullify many of your previous gains. Besides it will give a sense of completion.
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