Interview FAQ: How can I choose the right company?

One of the key aspects of the recruitment process is selecting the right company. It has been seen far too often that majority students appear for the placement process of a company only because the company visited the campus and offered a chance of employment. Such an approach goes against the precepts of finding a job that suits you and a job that you are capable of accomplishing to the best of your ability. As a general advice, it is important that you choose the company that suits you best and you need to base your decision on your skills, personality, likes and dislikes and previous experiences (trainings and so on). In case you are not sure about a company, it is best to conduct exhaustive research before you actually take up the mantle of appearing for that company.
Step 1: Company Selection
In terms of the range of potential employers, the list is vast. From small city-based ventures to big multinationals, the list of companies can be daunting and it is important for you to select the ones that suit you best.
A dilemma that comes into the picture when you are selecting your possible employer is: small company versus big company. The answer to this question lies in simple fact: which company offers you a greater opportunity to learn? Company selection should always be linked to learning opportunities offered by companies and you should make sure that you select a company which offers you the best possible chances of learning the ropes. The size of the company does not matter, what matters is the size of your learning.
The second issue with company selection is domain and area. Always select a company in the area that you wish to work long-term. Short terms gains, in terms of higher salaries and packages might be attractive, but in the long-term, these might harm you if you are not working in the domain of your choice. Make sure you select the field of work that would give the largest amount of satisfaction, as this is the only way to ensure that you do not feel dissatisfied with your work in the long term.
Step 2: Company Research
The second part of selecting the ideal company for yourself is to make sure that you research the company in detail. You need to explore the company plans, its issues and human resource policies, and its growth plans for the future. Such information would enable you to understand the company better and help you understand what lies in store for you in the future.
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Step 3: Applying for your dream job and preparing for the interview
Part three of the process is the simple one: once you have identified the companies you would want to work in, it is time to apply for your dream job. Once you get the interview call, the work you have done for step-2 would actually help you a lot. Being in touch with the company affairs and having an understanding of how it works would help you greatly with the interview and you would be able to offer genuine reasons why would you like to work in a particular company. Effectively, the research work you do above has two fold benefits.
The above form some of the basics you undertake before selecting a company of your choice. Make sure you carry out the above steps and you would definitely end up making the right choice with respect to your career.
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