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Time and work is one of the toughest topics asked in recruitment tests. Simple interest and compound interest also form a major part of the campus placement tests. This course will be a complete guide for both of these topics.

This course includes a guide to the basic concepts of Time and Work. The concept of chain rule will help you solve Time and Work problems in a jiffy. Other miscellaneous problems are also covered. So prepare with this course and become a pro in solving problems based on Time & Work and Interest!

What you will learn

  • Important properties of lines and polygons
  • Formulae of various geometrical shapes
  • Concepts of circles and cyclic quadrilaterals
  • All about rectangular solids and cylinders

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • Take this test to assess your current skill level in Time & Work and Interest


  • Chain Rule
  • Time and Work
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest


  • Read this e-book to gain insight into concepts of Time & Work and Interest along with solved examples.


  • Time & Work and Interest Practice Assignment 01
  • Time & Work and Interest Practice Assignment 02

Online Tests

  • Evaluation Test 01 - Work & Interest
  • Evaluation Test 02 - Work & Interest

Support & Help

  • Feel free to message us with any issues, queries or feedback you have about this course. We are happy to help!

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