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In order to excel in placement tests, one needs to be aware of the basic and advanced questions asked in verbal reasoning. Knowledge of some efficient techniques is essential to solving questions based on verbal reasoning.

This chapter is designed to acquaint you with various kinds of verbal reasoning questions along with tips to solve them. You will also be able to evaluate your level of preparation with the help of practice exercises and tests. Apart from that, you will get to know the format of questions asked from verbal reasoning.

What you will learn

  • Format of questions based on Sentence Correction
  • Important rules of Sentence Correction
  • Tips & strategies to approach Sentence Correction questions
  • Practise Exercises

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • Take this test to check your level of preparation and proficiency in Verbal Reasoning.


  • Verbal Reasoning : An Overview
  • Verbal Reasoning : Argument
  • Verbal Reasoning : Assumption
  • Verbal Reasoning : Inference / Conclusion


  • Introduction to Verbal Reasoning : In this eBook, you will learn about the concepts of verbal reasoning.
  • Types of Questions in Verbal Reasoning : In this ebook, you will learn the various strategies to tackle different types of questions based on verbal reasoning.


  • Verbal Reasoning Practice Assignment 01
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice Assignment 02
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice Assignment 03
  • Verbal Reasoning Practice Assignment 04

Online Tests

  • Evaluation Test 01 – Verbal Reasoning
  • Evaluation Test 02 – Verbal Reasoning

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