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Personal interviews generally happen in the last stage of campus placements. It is a crucial deciding factor in the selection process of top companies. In a PI, the panel intends to evaluate your knowledge quotient as well as your communication skills. You are expected to handle various questions and situations in a calm and composed manner.

This chapter is equipped with the essential tips and techniques to help you crack your personal interviews. You will be familiarised with all the important areas that you need to prepare before taking an interview. The course will make you aware of the appropriate body language, etiquettes and communication skills in a personal interview.

What you will learn

  • Importance of Interviews
  • Tips to handle various interview situations
  • Preparation tips for frequently asked questions
  • Do’s and don’ts of a stress interview

Curriculum for this course


  • What to wear to an Interview
  • How to Introduce yourself in an Interview
  • 15 Don’ts in a Personal Interviews
  • 5 Interview Tips for Effective Body Language


  • Basics of Personal Interview: In this eBook, you will learn the hacks to crack personal interview.
  • How to handle Personal Interview: In this eBook, you will learn various tips and strategies to tackle different kinds of interview questions as well as display appropriate interview etiquettes and body language.


  • Interview Practice Assignment - 01
  • Interview Practice Assignment - 02

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