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Numbers and LCM is an all-time favourite of top recruitment companies. So it’s sensible that you know everything covered in this chapter. Numbers and LCM are also known for their intriguing conceptual problems to crack which, there are certain tricks.

This chapter will help you understand the absolute basics of mathematics, that is, Number System. Additionally, you will also get familiar with different types of numbers and the application of this knowledge to a variety of domains. Everything that you need to know about Numbers and LCM & HCF is given here. All you have to do is start learning. All the best!

What you will learn

  • Important facts about Numbers
  • Shortcuts and solved examples you cannot succeed without
  • Practice questions that will help you become an expert in LCM & HCF
  • Concepts and Summation formulae you should know

Curriculum for this course

Pre-Assessment Test

  • Take this test to assess your current skill level in Numbers and LCM


  • Basics of numbers
  • Summation formulae
  • Divisibility rules
  • Factors basic
  • Number System miscellaneous
  • HCF, LCM - Basics


  • Number System : In this eBook, you will learn about types of numbers, shortcuts in multiplication and division along with solved examples which will make it easier for you to grasp concepts in this chapter.
  • LCM & HCF : In this eBook, you will learn the concepts and tricks to solve the questions of LCM and HCF.


  • Numbers and LCM Practice Assignment 01
  • Numbers and LCM Practice Assignment 02

Online Tests

  • Number and LCM Test 01
  • Number and LCM Test 02

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Numbers & LCM