All about Arista Networks

Founded in 2004, Arista Networks is a leading global software and networking company. It offers products and services for data centre, cloud computing and similar environments. Arista has delivered over 20 million cloud networking ports globally with its advanced network operating systems. The company is headquartered in US and has branch offices in 8 other countries. Arista’s CEO Jayshree Ullal was named in Barron’s list of World’s ‘Best CEOs’ in 2018 and 2019.
Some of the important partners of Arista include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, EMC/Dell, GCP/Google, Intel, Oracle, Red Hat, and VMware. One of the key competitors of the company is Cisco Systems. In 2018, Arista acquired Mojo Networks, a cloud managed WiFi service provider.
In 2010, Arista set up its first office in India. Arista’s latest technology centre at Bengaluru is considered among the largest of its global offices. Currently, the company has main offices at Bengaluru and Pune.
  • Santa Clara, California, US
Key People:
  • Jayshree Ullal - CEO & President
  • Andy Bechtolsheim - Chairman & CDO
  • Arista uses the company’s name itself as its logo. The name is written in white on blue background or blue on white background. The choice of colors and font represents the company’s reliability, evolution and technological advancement. Since its inception, the company has maintained the same style and font of logo. The font is kept consistently bold to denote the company as a leader and pioneer in software services.
  • US $2,151.4 million (FY 2018)
Number of Employees:
  • 2300
Official Website:
  • Ranks #17 in the Fortune’s ‘Fastest Growing Companies List 2019’.
  • Ranks #8 in the Fortune’s ‘Fastest Growing Companies List 2018’.
  • Featured in the Forbes ‘Global 2000’ list 2018.
  • Got 3rd rank in the Forbes ‘Fast Tech 25’ in 2017.
  • Listed in the Fortune’s ‘Future 50’ in 2017.
  • Won the ‘Best Infrastructure Award’ at Interop 2010.
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